Learn how companies big and small "make remote work, work"

Support Driven and Klaus are bringing you an all-star panel featuring Åsa Nyström (VP of Customer Advocacy, Buffer) and Daniel Danilov (Team Lead & Hiring, Automattic) to share solutions to the hard things about leading remote teams.


Your remote leadership questions, answered

Whether your team is remote already, or you are about to hire your first remote team member, chances are that every challenge and misstep will be blamed on the remoteness of the team: 

Laura wasn’t aware of yesterday’s feature release? — That would not have happened in the office.

Pete didn’t reach his quality goal? — That wouldn’t happen if he sat next to someone else.

Sylvie is constantly late for meetings? — In the office she would see people getting up to go to the meeting.

You can influence people’s behavior by proximity.

Or you can proactively look for location-independent solutions, those that work in-office and remote, and add resilience to your organization as a whole.


Join us for this fun, fast-paced webinar packed with actionable advice 


Åsa Nyström VP of Customer Advocacy, Buffer

Åsa Nyström

VP of Customer Advocacy, Buffer (under 100 team size)

  • Åsa is the VP of Customer Advocacy at Buffer, a social media marketing platform that helps people build their businesses using social media.
  • An active part of creating Buffer’s vision, Åsa is passionate about incorporating flexibility, inclusivity, and equality into the workplace of the future.
  • Currently based in London, Åsa has also lived in Australia, New York, and Sweden.

Daniel Danilov Team Lead & Hiring, Automattic

Daniel Danilov

Team Lead & Hiring, Automattic (100+ team size)

  • A logic-driven helper-of-the-people, Dan enjoys the mix of learning theories and new data, and he applies them to help those around him grow, improve, and have more impact.
  • He comes from a background of Psychology and Organizational Consulting, and spent the last 10 years of his professional life providing support, building websites, leading teams, and hiring new talent.


Valentina Thörner

Head of Product, Klaus (moderator)

  • Valentina is Head of Product at Klaus, a conversation review tool for support teams.
  • She has over a decade of experience leading and working remotely, facilitating change and excellence in those who work with her.
  • Passionate about product management, customer support and remote leadership, Valentina thrives on creating structures and accountabilities.