Tadpoles swish around the pond, flashing from spot to spot busily. Above the water, the full grown frogs sit on their lilly pads, watching for threats and dragging tasty bugs from the sky with precision strikes.

In between are the awkward teenagers of the frog world, half tadpole and half-frog, back legs kicking frantically while they wait for the rest of the body to catch up. 

Sometimes, that awkward phase is exactly what it feels like for support folk who take on a player/coach role. Not an individual contributor, but not a pure manager, and trying perpetually to find the right balance between those worlds. 

How can you strike the right balance between answering customers in the queue, supporting your team and engaging with the rest of your company? When is the right time to move into full time management? And how can you tell if you’re doing a good job?

In this webinar, our panel of current and former player/coaches will share their own experiences, the lessons they’ve learned and the mistakes they’d love to help you avoid! 



Kimberly Powell

Head of Support and Experience, GetFeedback at Survey Monkey

  • Kimberly Powell is the Head of Support and Experience for GetFeedback at Survey Monkey.
  • With a background in communication design and product management, she’s most recently lived in the world of customer support and CX for the past 10 years.
  • Over the years, she’s cultivated a passion for building strong customer connections and amazing experiences.
  • Kimberly resides in Park City, Utah with her husband, son and three dogs.


Kaylin Bailey

Director of Customer Support, Illuminate Education

  • Kaylin Bailey is a Director of Customer Support at Illuminate Education. In her career path, she’s held many different hybrid roles; from her start as a Tier 1 support agent through team lead and on to being a director.
  • Kaylin has presented twice at Support Driven conferences, and is a passionate advocate for the importance of Customer Support and the power of Radical Candor.
  • She currently resides in Southern California and loves spending time at the beach and riding her road bike.
  • You can connect with her on the support driven slack (@Kaylin).


Mat Patterson

Customer Champion, Help Scout

  • Mathew Patterson spent nearly a decade building and running a SaaS support team before joining Help Scout to help teach customer service pros and teams how to deliver better support.
  • He’s Australian, so that explains the rest.