Learn from other customer support departments

We've designed the Heads of Support Survey as a community resource to help you see how others are approaching the same problems you face.

Within the survey and report, you'll find answers to questions like these:

  • Who does Customer Support report to?
  • What indicators do you use to forecast resourcing needs?
  • What are the ways that Support and Product communicate with each other?
  • How much turnover does your frontline team experience each year?
  • What do you use to measure success of the Customer Support department?

What happens with my data?

We'll anonymously aggregate the data and use it in 2 ways:

  1. We'll use it for the 2019 Heads of Support Report, sharing what we've learned from the survey.
  2. We'll share the raw data with you (anonymized) so you can use it as a part of your conversations about budgets and resources. Filter the spreadsheet and find what similar companies are doing. Shape the data to support what you're doing now and to forecast where you expect to be in the future.

See our full privacy policy here.

Driven by the community

Thanks to the generous feedback from the community, we've been able to make some big-time improvements over last year's survey:

  • The survey is now much easier to complete, with more multiple-choice questions and less need for research.
  • Leaders in the community have a lot of questions about whether others have the agency to hire, fire, and make compensation decisions. So we added a section about your role and what decisions you make. 
  • We clarified the language around financials and focus on actuals instead of forecasts
  • We added some new topics to the survey based on interviews and conversations with leaders in our community: from organizational structure and career development to measuring success and support tools. 
  • We're using Google Forms so you can update your responses and take your time with filling out the survey.